Thoughts of a Copywriter 7

In my few years of writing contents and copies for brands and products, I have seen a perception that Companies and Organizations have towards a website… especially SMEs.

I did consultation for an American Nutrition Brand and they were amazed at all the pitfalls I could highlight from their website…  Thanks to my American Writers and Artists Incorporated (AWAI) training.

When these companies and their marketing  staff thinks of a website, they quickly think of codes and graphics. So they hire the best web developer they could find but when it comes to the website content, they feel anyone can write it. Wrong!

A website is more than a grand display of products and services, it’s more! It is a marketing tool that converts visitors to clients and customers. As simple as this sounds, it requires the professional services of copywriter, content writer and SEO integrations expert.

Would you like a website that truly works, I would be glad to help. Think on it!

Andrew Peter Milestone

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