Thoughts of a Copywriter 6

I have had quite an experience writing movies. I’ve been privileged to meet great actors like Okey Bakassi, Daniel Abua and the likes on movie sets, on some screenplays I made. I never knew greater adventures are ahead of me in my copywriting journey.

I got an interesting project to deliver contents on a road quest, spanning 2 months and in several western states of Nigeria.

My most memorable moment was climbing Idanre Hills of Ondo State, Nigeria… 600 ft high. It was a very powerful view and the history of the ancient Idanre Hills was mind blowing.

I wrote some very fine contents throughout the road quest but Ondo was gooood.

Dear Client, what project do you have coming up? If you need a writer who is in it not only for the money, but for the adventure, your search is ended. For me, writing is fun but content writing is bliss!

Andrew Peter Milestone

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