5 Reasons to fire your boss

Don’t get too used to the idea that only employers fire their employees, it can go the other way round. If they threaten to fire you if you don’t hit some levels of expectations, then you too can fire your boss if they don’t meet your own expectations. You need to be equipped with reasons that will empower you to fire your yeye boss in 2022!


Let’s Start From the Beginning…

Going to school was an adventure. Each time you reminisce, smile greases your face but the very reason you went to school is now a disappointment and a daily nightmare. 80% of naija graduates went to university to get a degree in other to get a good job but bros how far? How good is the good job? Wake up 5am, just to beat the morning traffic and you return home by 9pm. You work tirelessly from 8-5 every day except on Sundays and the salary gan is not something to write home about. And the most painful part (Chai!) is that pain in the neck that likes to call himself BOSS. You should fire your boss in 2022, and here are 5 reasons you should do that quickly.


  1. You are only making your boss rich

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Slave Trade? A black skinned African young man in heavy chains and fetters, dragged away to a foreign land after some funny sums have exchanged hands? That is an old definition of the word. Today slave trade means spending countless years on a job and when you take stock you realize you’ve achieved nothing for yourself except being alive and healthy enough to keep making your employer rich. And that is what you have been doing since the past years; if only you can tell yourself the sincere truth.

Your salary is just a plan to keep you working, and never a plan to make you rich. So that glorious daydream of driving a Benz will forever remain a fantasy as long as you keep running the grind mill and stay in the rat race.


  1. Your real self is dying slowly

You have a purpose and you know it. So every day you do something else just to ‘get a living’, your annoyance keeps growing. You snap at anything and anyone because you are growing frustrated. You’re just a machine to your boss. He doesn’t really care about your dreams, ambitions or purpose. All he cares about is your input that affects his annual bottom-line.

It is the expression of your real self that brings about fulfillment. And you and I know your job is no longer fulfilling. What you studied is not even what you’re doing to earn a living. Your sharp mind is growing dull everyday as you keep up with the routine you call job. Your creativity is getting rusted. Wake up! Your youth is your strength. You are capable of more, wake up NOW!


  1. You are trading your life for money

I could easily say you are trading your time for money, but I feel it is more correct to say you are trading you life because life is measured in time. You don’t have eternity here. You have a life span. So how long will it be before you realize that you are trading your years for incomes that only keep you alive to labor more? How much is your life worth? Or I should put it this way; how much is you time worth? That is what your boss pays you to take the active hours of your day and life.

With the whole talents, creativity and faith you have, you should be earning more if you get a proper guide. If you are no longer contented with what you earn, you should consider firing your boss in 2022. It requires courage but fear less, with the right information you will soon start earning better… being your own boss.


  1. Your expenses have outgrown your income

When you first got your current job, it was indeed a breakthrough. It paid your bills, bought you clothes and helped you take care of your siblings and a few padis but not any more… Everything is growing except your income. It is years now and the dynamics have changed. Now you have more responsibilities; you have married your sweetheart and you are about to have a baby. And the economy has reduced the purchasing power of the naira and yet your boss frowns his ugly face whenever you talk of an increase in your salary.

In 2022, your fears will become real if you don’t think and act quickly!


  1. No time for self and family

Despite all your efforts and very little benefit, you still don’t have time for the things that makes life worth living; family and friends. You are not living right and it is affecting your health. Your fears are legitimate; if you continue this way you will age quickly. Your stress level is just too much, and for how much?

You need time for other commitments to keep growing into the man you are supposed to be. You give ten hours of your day, each day to your boss; helping him to accomplish his dream while you have very little or no time in achieving yours. Your relationships are suffering, even your spirituality. Bros when will you do something to cause a change?


The Real Problem Is FEAR!

These 5 reasons should naturally be enough to fire your boss in 2022 and start out on your own but what if something goes wrong? Bros I understand that line of thought. Fear is so inhibitive it can keep you bound in the same spot for a very long time. But it takes wisdom to beat this kind of fear because your caution is very reasonable.

If you pull out of your job, how would you pay the bills? What about your financial responsibilities to your parents and siblings. Betajobsnaija.com understands your strong reasons because we are responsible people as well. So this is your smart way out.


The Smart Way out …

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See ya, at the top.


P.S: The very adrenaline you feel now to act will fade off and your fears will kick in once you put off this decision to a later time. We advice you act now and change your life! ……………



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