3 Powerful Steps To Sell Cars Online

It’s a new world today and the scope of business has been truly transformed by the emergence of the internet. Car dealers no longer sit in their showroom and expect car sales, now they know they need to figure out how to sell cars online.

There are many tips and tricks scattered all-over the internet on how to sell cars online but here, we’ll look at just 3 powerful steps that will surely boost car sales today.

#1 Know What Customers Want and Put It To Their Face

One of the major secret to successful marketing in general is the ability to provide quality product that is really needed. In this case you are not responsible in creating the cars, but you are highly responsible to connect car deals to those who truly need them.

Selling cars online starts with identifying what cars are trending in the niche you are in. For instance, in a certain country or state, Lexus could be trending so much more than Toyota while in another country, Toyota may be trending more. Trends affect sales, especially online. So how do you know the cars that are trending in your business climate?

  • Google: Do your research on Google with keywords like “most imported cars in Nigeria”, “Trending Cars in Lagos” or “Current Car Demand in Nigeria”.
  • If you can, find raw data from Government Car Licensing Agency and you will quickly have a clear picture what car is in high demand currently.
  • Simply look around. Visit occasions where successful people gather (within the range of your niche) and then observe the most parked car brand and model.
  • Check other car showrooms.

Having a good idea on the brand and model of cars in trend, you’ll stand a great chance at selling cars online. Now you know what customers want; put it to their face!

#2 Define Your Online Marketing Strategy

Next, determine the kind of online marketing strategy that will help you sell your cars online profitably. Some Companies online campaign is majorly aimed at Brand Awareness and not Direct Sales. You must first identify what will achieve your goal of continuous car sales.

Not many people can pay for a car they haven’t seen physically. So you must tailor out a way to show your cars online and not losing the prospect to other Car Dealers. And here are steps you can take.

  • Target your Facebook and Instagram Ads to favor the location of your showroom. For instance if your Showroom is in Ibadan, it will not be that profitable to target Kaduna. The proximity isn’t favorable.
  • Offer a time sensitive discount that will make your prospects make a quick buy. People get emotional with discounts, no matter how small. And this can help you sell cars online.
  • Create a website or facebook page that displays your cars and its unique selling point to visitors. Show them why your cars are better and watch how traffic to your showroom booms.

A mistake that many car dealers make is trying to promote their car business online themselves. They snap and make post on their status and personal page. Though this brings in little results but when a professional handle your online marketing, to sell cars online becomes easier. APM Consult can handle this well for you.

# Stand Out Online With Videos

People trust a video more than pictures. So much about a car can be hidden in a picture but truth shows when you make a video of the car you intend selling online. So make that video!

If the video is neatly done, highlighting major selling points of the car like its engine, the interiors, headlights and more, people who want that type of car will quickly contact you. And viola! The sale is made.

These 3 powerful Steps will boost your chance to sell cars online. These may be quite cumbersome for you to achieve on your own but APM Consult is positioned to help you succeed. Car Sales is possible online if well approached.

Enjoy Sales!

Andrew Peter Milestone


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